Zara Denies Allegations Of Fraudulant Pricing


Updating upon a recent headline involving a disgruntled California customer, Zara has denied allegedly misinforming customers and charging more than the price of items in United States retail locations. Devin Rose filed a class-action lawsuit against the fast-fashion retailer after claiming that a California Zara location charged him well more than the actual price of multiple shirts, stating he was told it was due to the conversion rate between euros and dollars compared to the price tag on each item.

Zara representatives have released a statement regarding the suit, stating “Zara USA vehemently denies any allegations that the company engages in deceptive pricing practices in the United States. While we have not yet been served the complaint containing these baseless claims, we pride ourselves in our fundamental commitment to transparency and honest, ethical conduct with our valued customers.”  She continued by saying “We remain focused on providing excellent customer service and high-quality fashion products at great value for our customers. We look forward to presenting our full defense in due course through the legal process.”

Zara was issued the suit this previous Friday, being filed in Los Angeles federal district court by Rose who is seeking damages for unjust enrichment, fraud, negligence and unfair business practices. He claims that the conversion rate is misapplied to the point where it is essentially not even used, forcing customers to pay much more than the actual lowest price for items compared to euros. The lawsuit also made sure to state that this practice “violates state and federal law by luring consumers to the register with perceived lower prices using a foreign currency and surreptitiously imposing and arbitrary makeup without making an appropriate, or any, disclosure to the customer.

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