Why Is Coconut #Trending?

It’s hard to go anywhere today without spotting a coconut-inspired-something. From the grocery aisle to our favorite DIY beauty blogs, it seems that the coconut is truly having its moment. The natural benefits of the coconut have us thinking that this ancient cure-all is here to stay. Beauty buffs are using coconut oil to remove the most stubborn of makeup. For those of us fighting summer frizz, coconut- based products promise smoother locks and nourishing hydration. Celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow and Shailene Woodley are endorsing the coconut in more unconventional ways. The two beauties have shared their all-natural-teeth-whitening trick known as “oil pulling,” a method of swirling coconut oil around in your mouth for 20 minutes. More daring beauties have crafted recipes for deodorants, night creams and even eyeliners that combine the tropical goodness of the coconut with ingredients as tantalizing as cocoa powder and arrowroot.  While we may not be bold enough to pull out the mixing bowls just yet, we’ve selected a mix of our favorite coconut products that work wonders and smell great, too.

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