Virtue Labs Creates Hair Care Utilizing Human Keratin


The natural beauty trend is alive and well going into the new year. It doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon either.

One name to thank for that is Virtue Labs, who have created hair care products containing pure keratin extract. In fact, it’s actually the purest replicated form in existence.

The result comes from hours of work by Keranetics’ scientists working at Wake Forest University. That is where individuals like Dr. Luke Burnett identified this new formula and it’s incredible healing potential.

“What we have is fully functional protein that lines up with the damage and will bind through chemical processes that are just natural in biology. We use various extraction processes that carefully pull the proteins out, so we essentially build the hair shaft up and keep the proteins that we want,” stated Dr. Burnett.

Staying natural is a key part of the line’s entire equation. Keratin is found and created naturally in everyone’s bodies for generating our hair, nails and skin. Using products with such a high percentage of it allows the body to truly believe that the keratin is part of it’s own biology. That is why Virtue Lab’s product line is able to replenish and rejuvenate hair better than most competitors.

Another reason is the difference in their keratin itself. Many competing brands use keratin created from animal byproducts. This leads to lesser results comparably than the extracted human keratin used by Virtue Labs in their products.

“We are the only company collectively that can actually [replicate] human Keratin, which behaves very differently than the animal byproduct that everybody else uses. [The protein] is all natural, so you’re putting in pure protein that’s coming from [real] hair,” stated Virtue Labs chief executive officer and founder, Melisse Shaban, at a presentation in October.

Virtue Labs’ products will be available on February 1st at their website and select stylists. Each item is priced between $36 and $66 respectively.

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