Viktor & Rolf To Debut Fragrance Collection ‘Magic’



Designers Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren, comprising the Viktor & Rolf name, have been in the business of selling fragrances for some time now. 2005 saw the release of the wildly popular Flowerbomb, which served as inspiration for spawning Spicebomb in 2011 and Bonbon three years later.

In 2016, Viktor & Rolf have announced the debut of their next fragrance release, though it is far from what many would consider traditional. Rather than one scent, the Magic Collection offers six, all created from the brand’s partnerships with Givaudan, Firmenich and International Flavors & Fragrances.

“We thought about a magic box,” stated Horsting. “Magic is a great name because in it lies transformation, and transformation has always been an important concept in everything we do. That’s how we started.”

He would go on to comment that the brand has “always played with the idea of magic, imagination, fantasy and creation” for a collection. The upcoming parfum collection shows the concept coming to fruition, bringing with it a different business model and sales tactics to help it stand apart from competitors.

Initially, Magic will only be sold in two Saks stores, New York City and Las Vegas, come February 2017. The plan is for this number to reach ten total by the end of the year, though the other eight locations have yet to be announced, with the objective of expanding to 25 locations by 2018 and 50 globally by 2019.

The fragrances will also be sold using a magic-like theme in stores. This could range from levitating bottles to invisible ink requiring a fragrance to be seen, even beakers that allow customers to sample each scent just by pushing a button. Specialized marketing like this intertwines well with the names of each fragrance and images conjured in the minds of prospective customers.

“Like with fashion collections or perfume, we always start with language. We wanted to give every fragrance its own artwork where the name becomes a surreal, little artwork [in itself]. It’s a word, but it’s all an illustration. It’s an image of the trick,” explained Snoeren.

The scents themselves revolve around different magic tricks, each bottle representing something different and whimsical from another. The collection includes Dirty Trick, Liquid Diamonds, Sage Spell, Sparkling Secret, Lavender Illusion and Dancing Roses. According to Viktor & Rolf global marketing director Alexis Pinet, the company even contacted staff from the sets of the Harry Potter movie adaptations in order to gain possible inspiration for magic-based sales methods.

“They’ve been working with us to develop a magic box and the technicality of that merchandising,” stated Pinet. “It’s very special, it’s a different business model.”

The Magic Collection is currently estimated to accrue $11 million in profit by the time the brand’s three-year plan is has been fully enacted, making expectations for it’s launch even more special.

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