Team USA, Team Europe Wives Looking Glamorous At Ryder Cup



The 2016 Ryder Cup festivities showcased some of the greatest golfers on the planet. In some minds, including that of Team USA Captain David Love III, it played host to possibly the greatest golf team ever assembled for a competition of it’s kind. It is also the first time the event has been held on US soil as well, the most recent time being in 2012 when Team Europe turned in an incredible comeback to capture the top prize.

With all the incredible golf being played, it’s no surprise to see the wives of both Team USA and Team Europe showing up to give their partners support while also looking incredible in the process. For the American team, this would include the girlfriend of the 2016 US Open winner, Dustin Johnson. She was accompanied by Justine Reed, Nicholas Moore, Amy Mickelson, Becky Edwards, Sybi Kuchar and Kim Johnson who all took to the stage wearing matching loose, grey sweaters as they joined their partners for the opening ceremony.

Team Europe looked fantastic in their own right, though, as they matched in a blue and white ensemble. Between Erica Stoll, Alison Clarke, Emma Stenson, Katie Poulter, Bethany Wood, Caroline Harrington, Eva Bossaerts and Grace Barber, the wives of the European team’s roster certainly showed up with their best looks with the hope that their significant others could successfully defend the Ryder Cup this year.

The good-spirited competition between the teams and their partners was able to be put aside for a night, however, as both teams joined together for the gala dinner that night with everyone looking stunning again in their evening attire. In fact, both sides and their partners even took a large group picture together. This capped off a night that where both sides were able to enjoy each other’s company even with the fierce competition waiting to commence a day later.

While that may not have turned out as planned for the European team, it was still a spectacular appearance from them, the US, their wives and girlfriends as a whole.

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