Urban Decay Rereleasing Setting Spray to Celebrate 20 Years


Urban Decay has long been a pioneer for some concepts in beauty we now view as the standard. Two of the utmost examples of this will always be cemented in the way social media can help a product’s reach, as well as the use of pre-makeup products under typical makeup that have since lead to a revolution in terms of consumer focus. The two decades the brand have been in business are reflected in some of it’s most successful products over time from these same ideas.

Looking to celebrate their continued growth, Urban Decay is rereleasing their setting sprays to the public in new packaging. The brand hasn’t seen any problem selling the product before the redesigned exterior, though; Urban Decay chief creative officer and cofounder, Wendle Zomnir, views this as part of the company’s staple moves to continuously improve upon their established selection.

“One of my philosophies has been we are never done. We have redone our eye shadows three or four times,” stated Zomnir. “That’s my mind-set, and people always love when we bring back products and make them better.”

Unquestionably, Urban Decay’s setting spray paved the way for a movement of products that are still popular to this day. According to Zomnir, that popularity comes from the product’s continued quality.

“Our setting sprays hold up because we are the only one with temperature control technology. That’s the ingredient that gives us the true, long-lasting ability. There are other sprays that are nice and feel good. With a lot of the other sprays, you don’t get an ultrafine mist. It feels like little water droplets hitting your face. Our spray is like a veil of hydration hitting your face,” she stated.

The new revamped setting spray is on sale for $31 and available at Ulta Beauty, Sephora and select Macy’s locations.

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