Tyra Beauty Adding Skin Care Products



Tyra Banks’ makeup line, Tyra Beauty, has grown tremendously in such a short amount of time. Having released 30 different products in just over a year, the brand is now looking to venture into skin care as well with the release of 3 new exfoliating products. From Tyra’s point-of-view, it is about bringing a stronger focus on maintaining healthy skin.

“We are so obsessed with filters these days. Let’s back up y’all. Let’s take care of the canvas that is our face. There is a lot of emphasis today, especially in social media, on makeup,” Banks pointed out. “People are paying attention to how to make a photo look amazing and have that baby skin kind of look, and what you need to do is start with the canvas.”

Among the three products, priced from $29 to $49, are The Clean Machine, a multi-use foam cleanser that doubles as a makeup remover and exfoliator, The Closer, a repair and hydration serum, and The Secret Weapon, a microdermabrasion wand. Each one brings the term of a hero product with them, suggesting less steps with many uses to help lower costs for customers. Banks stated that she believes women shouldn’t have to pay spa prices for exfoliation.

“I am always trying to save people money, and we all know that microdermabrasion at a spa is really expensive, so I wanted to be able to bring that to people’s homes to save them money,” said Banks.

She also pointed to The Secret Weapon’s use of evenly suspended crystals that dissolve after use as compared to micro-bead exfoliators which, in her own experience, have left irritating traces behind on the skin. The process results in skin that is ready for makeup and doesn’t require as much effort as using multiple products.

“To me, skin care isn’t about branding. Skin care is about results, and these products really give result,” Banks added. “Also, I think our skin care is something people will really want to do.”

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