Topline Products Launch Easy Powder


Easy powder offers a simple, fun way to do your makeup.

Aiming to offer the modern woman products that suit her lifestyle, Topline Products by Texen offers this range of standard dispensers dedicated to face powders like bronzers and highlighters.

Practical and fun

Made up of different sized jars, this collection prioritizes simple gestures for everyday make-up use or touch-ups on the go. Their thick, transparent walls reveal the color of the powder inside. Their covers, made of transparent SAN, rest on an ABS rim that allows the dispenser to be opened and closed. This essential part holds the applicator in place and is home to a sifter that releases the powder.

A removable PP cover protects the powder until it is opened and is also practical for use when travelling.

A soft-touch applicator

The puff applicator used for the line is also a major drawing point, allowing users to achieve a spontaneous, natural makeup look. It is plump and soft, allowing the application of just the right amount of powder easily and intuitively. By tapping and smoothing with the puff, the user is able to achieve exactly the desired effect with almost no effort.

Easy powder is available in three sizes: 2.5g, 5g and 7g.


About Topline

Topline Products by Texen is a manufacturer and outsourcer for the

global beauty industry, designing, developing, producing and delivering standard and bespoke packaging and turnkey solutions that include formulation, filling and secondary packaging. Since being taken over by PSB Industries in February 2016, Topline Products has been integrated into PSB’s Luxury & Beauty Division, Texen, to which it brings its complementary expertise in terms of design, development and innovation as well as new marketing and industrial synergies.

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