Tommy x Gigi Collection Hosts Pop-Up Shop At South Street Seaport



South Street Seaport played host to an on-site runway show for a collaboration collection between Tommy Hilfiger and Gigi Hadid  on Friday, September 9th. The show provided a perfect place for attendees to purchase items showcased on during the event before and after utilizing a “see-now-buy-now” marketing strategy of fast fashion. In addition, the event took place at a “fashion carnival,” complete with rides, a 40-foot ferris wheel, tattoo booths and a Tommy Hilfiger Carousel Insta booth. While the heat and humidity during the entirety of the event was absolutely terrible, it didn’t stop happy carnival goers from enjoying the festivities.

It was a bold idea that seemed to pay off for the brand itself and the collection, bringing a lot of publicity to both. While Hilfiger execs weren’t willing to comment on the exact sales numbers from the event, they did mention that the number of sold out styles from the event at the pop-up shop and online reached double-digits. On-site, this brought almost a 60 percent increase in sales from the previous year. Online, gained over 80,000 views, resulting in a 220 percent increase in sales compared to a year prior.



It helped that there was plenty of opportunity for those unable to attend around the world, with multiple websites offering pieces from the collection following the show as well as by commerce through Facebook Messenger. Hilfiger used a automated bot named “Tmy.Grl” equipped with over 4,000 personalized messages regarding the collection to create over 300 sessions with interested consumers. There was also hundreds of live-streams online for the runway show, allowing for millions of interested people to view the collection. A few of the top volume drivers included a Gigi band jacket, nylon bomber, long military coat and a Hilfiger oversized fleece hooded sweatshirt.

A few big names were seen at the event as well, including Kourtney Kardashian accompanied by her daughter Penelope, son Mason and niece North West. Though able to enjoy the rides, they were seen mobbed by onlookers taking pictures everywhere they went. The same can be said for co-collaborator Gigi Hadid upon arriving at 3 p.m. to the event. Her father was also in attendance and stated that he thought the move of Tommy Hilfiger collaborating with his daughter was “a smart one” and added that it would help the brand to reconnect with her generation as his daughter could act as a big role model for it.



In a way, the idea was ingenious in it’s ability to bring in consumers for both the event and the fun surrounding it while also catering to those who weren’t able to be there in person. It seems like a strategy that many other would be wise to follow the Tommy Hilfiger brand in doing themselves.

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