Guest Editor: Theo Spilka Explores Outdoor Lifestyle Apparel & Bike Pop Up

Last week, avid cycler –and one of the best dressed men in the fragrance industry, Theo Spilka of Firmenich, accepted BeautyFashionFragrance’s invitation to visit the Lifestyle, Fashion, Outdoor, Bike and Menswear Pop-up on the Bowery and give us his impressions. Overall, he found some “Very cool tech stuff and sustainable goods!” Below are some of the standouts:

Castelli brings quality and innovative technology to cycling clothing. Founded in 1939 in the heart of Milan, Armando Castelli tailored his clothing for high-profile cycling champions. The company remains a top choice for competitive athletes. Using technologies such as Nano Flex Fabric, an exclusively engineered thermal water resistance fabric, Castelli continues to revolutionize cycling clothing.


From Darmstadt, Germany, co-founders Heiko Müller and Markus Reise have brought their handcrafted, sleek e-bikes brand, Riese & Müller, to the US. Their modern bikes feature DualBattery Technology from Bosch, which allows riders a 100-mile range in one charge. Riese & Müller manufacture the most innovative and sophisticated bikes for tomorrow’s cyclist.


In 2007, Renovo introduced the world’s first hardwood, hollow bicycle frames. Renovo’s bikes are not only unique and stylish, they are also top quality. The company recently significantly expanded its production capabilities in order to reach more riders. The bikes come in a range of grains and color which makes each virtually one-of-a-kind


Ridgemont Outfitters harmonizes style with durability to create the perfect shoe—a vast improvement from a prior generation’s stiff and clunky boot. Ridgemont’s boots offer lightweight waterproof construction which can transition from a hiking trail to city streets. Ridgemont is blazing a new trail for stylish hikers.


Rumpl noticed serious static in the outdoor blanket industry. To solve this problem, Rumpl has created a technically modern and innovative blanket for anywhere. The blanket is comfortable, versatile, and high quality for use outdoor camping, picnicking, or at home.

Firmenich’s Theo Spilka


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