“The Perfect Provenance” Announces Launch Of New Home Fragrance Collection; Collaborated With Global Creative Perfumery Symrise On Each Of The

Mary Ellen Lapsansky; Perfect Provenance founder Lisa Lori: Rhona Stokols of Symrise

Mary Ellen Lapsansky; Perfect Provenance founder Lisa Lori: Rhona Stokols of Symrise

The Perfect Provenance, a new art inspired, luxury lifetstyle store & café, is proud to announce the launch of its new Home Fragrance Collection. The new line includes the following scents: Fir Goodness Sake, Sunshine Limone, andProspérité. Lisa Lori, founder of The Perfect Provenance, collaborated with global creative perfumery, Symrise, on each of the collection’s signature scents.

There are two candles in the line available online now — Sunshine Limone & Fir Goodness Sake — and the third candle, Prospérité will debut April 1, 2016 when the store opens in Greenwich.

The Perfect Provenance candles are made in America — hand poured in Mississippi, and feature a natural soy-based wax blend. The candles are available in beautiful, recycled glass container (blue for Sunshine Limone & white for Fir Goodness Sake and Prospérité). Packaging and candles were made in partnership with DPM Fragrance.

On Wednesday, January 20, Lisa Lori joined Rhona Stokols of Symrise and others at the Symrise office on Park Avenue to celebrate the launch. In attendance wereMary Ellen Lapsansky, founder of the Perfumed Plume Award and production consultant for the Perfect Provenance, George & Christine Ledes of Beauty Fashion and Cosmetic World, R. Couri Hay, fashion blogger Troy Alexander, perfumer Nathalie Benareau and other Symrise staff.

Fragrance Descriptions

Sunshine Limone: Perfumers Nathalie Benareau and Christelle Laprade of Symrise

Top Note: Italian Lemon, Sparkling Bergamot

Middle Note: Jasmine Petals, Peach Blossom

Base Note: Skin Musk, Amberwood, Driftwood

Sheer bliss awaits with this heavenly scent. Rays of sparkling bergamot and Italian lemon shine through billowy jasmine and peach blossom petals supported by a warm woody back kissed with touches of skin musk. Sunshine Limone means lemon sunshine in Italian and I love the idea of getting a kiss of sunshine from this fragrance. I wanted this Smile Collection product to give people true happiness in their home and I hope they feel that through this fresh, vibrant scent.

Fir Goodness Sake: Perfumers Carlos Vinals and Marcela Olalde-Castillo of Symrise

Top: Note: Carrot Seed Oil, Pear, Dewy Greens

Middle Note: Black Pepper, Jasmine, Cedarleaf

Base Note: Patchouli, Vetiver, Baltic Amber

“Exudes a peaceful and positive outlook with a graceful blend of luscious pear and dewy greens wrapped in a mesmerizing bind of jasmine and cedar leaf dusted with black pepper. At the base, Baltic amber envelops the earthy blend of patchouli and vetiver for a smooth and tenacious presence that truly grounds you and your senses. As a native Northern California girl, I will always love the smell of the mountains, the warmth of the earth and the life of nature that surrounded where I grew up. I wanted to bring that vitality and warmth of the forest into people’s homes.”

Prospérité: Perfumer Nathalie Benareau of Symrise

Top Note: Mandarin, Italian Lemon, Blood Orange,Eucalyptus

Middle Note: Orange Blossom, Golden Honey, Violet, Ginger

Base Note: Powdery Clover

“Live life fully, peacefully and with generosity. This candle represents a bounty of energizing citrus notes blended with eucalyptus for an uplifting sensation that dances its way into a radiating bouquet of orange blossom and violet adorned with a drizzle of golden honey and warm ginger. It is a perfect scent for spring, a time for new beginning, new life and new energy. It is a perfect scent to kick off our first exhibition We’ll Always Have Paris in the spring.”

Each candles is 10 ounces, and has more than 65 hours of candle enjoyment. Retail price is $50 per candle, packaged in a luxurious wooden box with a wax seal on each candle and the wooden box. Sunshine Limone, is part of the company’s Smile Collection, products that benefits international children’s medical charity and corporate philanthropy partner, Operation Smile.

For more information visit www.theperfectprovenance.com

R. Couri Hay; Rhona Stokols; Christine Schott Ledes

R. Couri Hay; Rhona Stokols; Christine Schott Ledes

Mary Ellen Lapsansky; George Ledes; Troy Alexander

Mary Ellen Lapsansky; George Ledes; Troy Alexander

Rhona Stokols; Guest

Rhona Stokols; Guest

Symrise perfumer Nathalie Benareau; Rhona Stokols

Symrise perfumer Nathalie Benareau; Rhona Stokols

Sample list of designers to be featured at the Perfect Provenance's premiere exhibit.

Sample list of designers to be featured at the Perfect Provenance’s premiere exhibit.

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