Texen Gives An Injection Of Youth To Dior’s Hydra Life

Dior wanted to attract a younger clientele to its Hydra Life skincare line with a new packaging design. As part of the renovation, the brand entrusted Texen with designing its new cap. The result is a pure white lid with a soft-touch feel that evokes the fresh, smooth texture of the product itself. 

Engorged with natural extracts for their targeted action, the products in Dior’s Hydra Life range work to preserve the skin’s inherent beauty and respect its natural balance. Determined to seduce the Millennial generation with its demand for natural skincare, the brand chose to give the line new packaging with a fresh, dynamic look. The new caps top a transparent glass jar that reveals the color of the mask or cream product inside.

Softly does it

In line with the brand’s demands, Texen has conceived a matte white oblong cap with a soft-touch finish. Made of mass-dyed ABS and lacquered with a satin varnish, its relief logo is engraved directly in the mold.

Inside, the capsule integrates a PP insert that is perfectly compatible with the formula and with a screw closure that adjusts to the neck of the jar. Within the lid, a Triseal seal guarantees that the pack is airtight.

For a perfectly refined esthetic finish, the cap features a gadroon flush to the glass jar.

About Texen

Texen, the Luxury and Beauty division of PSB Industries, is active in makeup, skincare, fragrance and wines and spirits. Renowned for its industrial excellence and innovation capacity, Texen is a supplier of product solutions that respond to brands’ needs by anticipating consumer demand.

Thanks to its broad ecosystem of partner companies, Texen provides a global sourcing offer and finished products that integrate both design and marketing.


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