Are Synthetic Ingredients The Future Of Perfume Market?


The Tranoï Parfums show earlier this week in New York brought some thought-provoking ideas regarding the future of the fragrance market. As is true with many markets today, there has been a heightened emphasis on natural ingredients and products, though some see this turning into a different mindset in the near-future. One person on the panel, owner of the Brooklyn-based niche fragrance boutique Twisted Lily Eric Weiser, sees synthetics as the direction many brands will go. Specifically, he stated that the consumer is more curious about futuristic packaging and formulations whether or not the ingredients in the product are natural.

“They are more fascinated with fragrances that surpass what you traditionally think of,” said Weiser. He went on to state that the consumer’s fascination with natural ingredients is just another story tied to the product, seeing synthetic ingredients as having the same capability to intrigue customers. Weiser believes that perfume lines will soon tout synthetic ingredients in the same way.

While contrary to the current market, there are some brands that have already made a name for themselves centered around synthetics. Aether Parfums, for example, manufactures product entirely made from synthetic ingredients and uses that in their products overall image. The product’s slogan is “a tribute by it’s creators to synthetic molecules and the frenzy of chemistry,” conjuring thoughts of their perfumes being chemically engineered to perfection.

Euphorium Brooklyn is another brand in attendance at Tranoï with an image far from natural. While using tinctures, extracts and oils to create their scents, their real calling is the fictional characters and stories constructed as the basis for them. These 19th century-inspired characters, modeled as the founders of each individual scent, makeup the stories that revolve around the products and make them fun. This is a sentiment the brand’s actual founder, Stephen Dirkes, views as an integral part of each scent, stating “It’s all about the story.”

Time will tell if this actually becomes a basis for the consumer’s choice in fragrance, though the logic surrounding it is sound enough to believe it to be possible.

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