Symrise Fragrance Division Shapes New Era in Fragrances

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Symrise Fragrance Division Shapes New Era in Fragrances

Symrise Fragrance Division Shapes New Era in Fragrances

Symrise Fragrance Division Shapes New Era in Fragrances

Symrise Fragrance Division Shapes New Era in Fragrances

Storyline Launch: Better Living through Scent

• New Fragrance Storyline launched
• Highlights rich legacy and profound collaboration
• Pleasure with Purpose for conscious consumers
• Enables better living through scent

“We exist to deliver better living through scent.” This is the key message of the new storyline of the Fragrance Division of Symrise and advances it into a new era of fragrances. It highlights the rich heritage and unique cross-disciplinary collaboration at Symrise as well as the ability to create sensorial fragrances enhancing beauty benefits. This elevates Symrise Fragrances to the next level of fragrance creation. Consumers can enjoy products that improve their beauty, wellbeing and overall happy living. Better living means also improving living conditions, income, health and education for Symrise local partners along the supply chain. At Symrise, every elegant fragrance’s drop has the power to touch the senses, the soul & the world.

“We exist to deliver better living through scent – expresses the essence of perfumery”, says Achim Daub, President Scent and Care at Symrise. “It means, offering consumers a better living when they use products with our ingredients and sensory solutions thus improving their beauty, wellbeing and happiness. Our new storyline emphasizes this approach in a very sophisticated way. We want everyone to benefit – our customers, consumers and our partners. Our goal is to become the preferred and indispensable fragrance and ingredients partner for all our customers around the world.”

With launching its new storyline “We exist to deliver better living through scent”, Symrise unfolds a unique and compelling storyline that builds on both the company’s origins with centuries of fragrance mastery as well as its unique approach of collaborating to create. These pillars result in offeringpleasure with purpose for conscious consumers that reflect ever changing market expectations:

“Centuries of fragrance mastery“ is where it all starts – referring to the roots of Symrise fragrances, which date back to a rich past that spans over 220 years of marvelous scented creations. Among them are the finest of fine fragrance ingredients, such as the DeLaire bases that serve as the foundation of haute perfumery and which have shaped many of the world’s iconic fragrances.

“A dedicated way – collaboration to create” complements the century-long heritage – as it expresses the inner core of the Symrise fragrance DNA. A truly collaborative approach exists between Symrise perfumers globally. They are continuously sharing, collaborating with experts, such as artists, chefs, and scientists to create best-in-class-fragrance solutions. To have its talent pool participate in this collaborative approach, Symrise has installed a permanent collaboration and mentorship program, where the most experienced, successful and talented Master Perfumers train the young generation. With its own Perfumery School, Symrise is setting creative and distinct standards. The young perfumers are strengthening the fragrance DNA with fresh ideas and innovative approaches to fragrance creation.

“Pleasure with purpose” is what the two pillars heritage and collaboration result in. In addition to its commitment to continuously building perfumery capabilities of tomorrow, Symrise is putting an equally strong focus on building the most complete and unique fragrance raw materials portfolio in the industry by leveraging its position of being the number one fragrance ingredients supplier in the world. With its strong innovation pipeline, unique captives portfolio, and deep backwards integration including a rich naturals program Symrise is perfectly positioned to deliver on its mission “to deliver better living through scent”.



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