Study Shows Consumers Still Interested In Ivanka Trump Brand



Donald Trump has been no stranger to controversial statements over the course of this presidential election. Agreeing or disagreeing with them is less significant than the overall impact of his words themselves, but it hasn’t stopped consumers from shying away from the Trump brand as a whole in protest.

In the aftermath of Trump’s recently released audio tape, making statements about women, it has lead some to question whether it would have an associative impact on his daughter’s brand as well.

In a study done by Brand Keys, a New York-based brand engagement and customer loyalty research consultancy firm, the results found this not to be the case. For whatever reason it may be, Ivanka Trumps brand has not been dragged into the same fate as that of her father. As we know, Macy’s dropped Donald’s brand in July.

“When the video surfaced on Oct. 7, she was not among the many surrogates and apologists to rush to Mr. Trump’s defense,” stated Brands Keys founder and president Robert Passikoff. “And, while there’s been large losses to the [Donald] Trump brand and its ability to bring added value to various products and services, Ivanka’s brand does not appear to have suffered the same fate as her father’s.”

Passikoff would go on to state that there has even been a “boycott for all thing Trump,” a fate that consumers haven’t chosen to apply towards Ivanka Trump as well.

“It’s apparent that consumers can separate the political from the paternal,” he added.

The study showed that just over half of 950 Millennial women are either extremely or very willing to continue shopping for her brand. Also, 33 percent stated their chance of purchasing apparel or footwear from the brand was very likely, 32 percent being somewhat likely, 11 percent being unlikely and only six percent representing those who weren’t at all.

Though the Trump brand may have been permanently damaged for the future by the Republican candidate’s actions over the course of this election, his daughter can take solace in knowing her brand won’t share the same fate.

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