Solange Azagury-Partridge Releases Another Hotlips Collection With Amazon Fashion



A festive-themed Hotlips capsule collection is set to launch  through Amazon Fashion in early November. Though jeweler Solange Azagury-Partridge already sells multiple products on Amazon, this release marks the third time a Hotlips collection has been specifically made for sale through the e-commerce juggernaut.

The new rings are set to have a sterling silver and lacquer version with both using glitter and coming in colors like red, black, gold and silver. The collection’s designer saw glitter as a very festive feature that will get people in the mood for the holidays.

Hotlips has become a ring brand that has gotten a lot of attention, with celebrities like Lady Gaga and Penelope Cruz wearing it since their launch in the mid-1990’s. This has lead the the rings to be a somewhat unofficial face of Azagury-Partridge’ brand.

“It’s a woman’s mouth; it literally speaks to you. It’s something familiar in bold colors, so people are naturally attracted to it,” she said.

With this upcoming collection, the designer has stated that she is done with using silver and wholesale, other than for her partnership with Amazon, as she moves towards restructuring her business. One decision made in that direction has been moving her business from Carlos Place in Mayfair in favor of a smaller boutique in London that is closer to her home. The choice has also given her a more personal experience with her customers.

Majority of the companies sales have been seen through the designer’s Instagram account as well, though she plans to launch a Hotlips website at some point.

“Everything happens virtually, we lead very busy lives and I know for myself if I can buy something online I would do it without even thinking twice,” she stated. “It’s really fantastic that I can sell pieces on Instagram; it’s such an interesting way of showing the jewelry because it’s not too set up, and people get a real view of how a piece looks when you’re wearing it.”

In relation to the social media platform, she referred to the platform as a “revelation” and “a personal magazine.”

“The first time I went on Instagram was for my first Amazon launch, and I never looked back,” she added.

The new Hotlips capsule collection will be available on November 3rd through Amazon’s european website and priced at $87 per item.

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