Snapchat Launches New Spectacles Camera Glasses


In today’s younger generation, Snapchat has become a staple. Their momentum has risen to nearly 150 million users and counting, giving the newly-rebranded company room to grow and expand their reach throughout modern technology. The company announced yesterday their first ever physical product, Spectacles, colorful glasses that can take video and post directly to app.

Priced at $129.99, the glasses have the ability to take circular videos with a 115-degree field-of-view from the user’s eye level, giving the product a platform to become the preferred method of taking video. One thought is also the product’s ability to possibly move towards virtual and augmented reality as well. Given the success of Snapchat as a whole, it’s not something that can be ruled out of the question.

The Spectacles bring the added advantage of learning from the mistakes of other glasses as well. In contrast to Google Glass, for one, they have a much more stylish look to them. Considering the fact that we live in a time where just about everyone carries a smartphone, most people already carry a camera with them regularly. This means the design has to be fashionably appealing on top of it’s functionality for the general consumer market to embrace it. The idea of taking a camera out of your pocket would become an afterthought.

While the Spectacles have the opportunity to build upon Snap Inc.’s success and further expand upon the brand, it’s more a matter of letting the market decide if they really need it. Depending on the uses and how it’s perceived a year or two from now, the glasses could pave the way for a whole new market of affordable products just like it.

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