Shiseido Launches First Humanoid Assembly Robots In Japan

As products themselves continue to evolve, it necessitates the same change for their production. That much is surely the case in beauty considering the ever-changing interests of consumers.

Shiseido is hoping they found the next step in that direction with the implementation of humanoid robots on their assembly lines. Part of a pilot program, the first two have debuted at one of their factory locations in Kakegawa, Japan.

This has come in response to many aspects of their production today. Including consumer interest, one of the reasons cited by Shiseido has been diminishing workforce, a serious problem facing Japan’s market currently.

The new additions are tasked with doing precise processes of all kinds surrounding their products. Assembly of cases and packaging are two main concerns that the robots focus to which their current machines and human beings would find difficult.

Shiseido isn’t cutting the human experience out of their production though. Instead, every two robots will be coupled with one person. Their focus will be to watch for product defects and scratches, assuring the quality of their products on the line.

A human touch doesn’t hurt for the management of these endeavors either. Computerized technology will still be monitored across multiple assembly lines to oversee continued productivity and consistent development with the new program.

“Going forward, Shiseido aims to further advance innovation in technology, enabling robots to team up on more complex, high-dimensional operations by applying artificial intelligence technology,” the company stated.

The new and exciting program marks yet another step in the advancement of retail worldwide. Furthermore, it does so as well for the precision and intelligence of that process that will assuredly continue to blossom as this innovation is emulated and improved upon even more by others in the industry.

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