SGD Becomes Verescence

SGD Perfumery, global leader in glass bottle manufacturing for the Perfumery and Cosmetics’ industries, is changing its name to Verescence.

Now independent, and solely focused on the Perfumery and Cosmetics market, the adoption of a new name marks an important milestone in the company’s history.

The name Verescence reflects the company’s origins with a French and prestigious sound. Rich in meaning, the name combines the glass skills [Ver] and the [escent] suffix, which literally means transformation: transforming sand into glass, transforming creative concepts into product innovations, transforming our company into the global market leader in the beauty market.

“It’s an opportunity for us to have a brand reflecting what we are today: a company going through a major transformation process and striving for excellence, an international company using its expertise, diversity and talent for the benefit of its customers,” stated Thomas Riou, CEO.

With 4 plants dedicated to glass manufacturing and 5 to bottle decoration, 3,200 employees across several continents and a global sales network, Verescence has a yearly production capacity of one billion bottles thanks to its innovative and environmentally friendly solutions.


About Verescence

Verescence is the global leader in glass bottle manufacturing for the perfumery and cosmetics industry and has a production capacity of one billion bottles per year.
Verescence supplies its customers with glass through high quality, environmentally friendly and innovative solutions. The company has over 120 years of glass expertise and a unique geographical footprint (four glass production sites and five decorations sites, three of which are in France), making it the partner of choice for the world’s largest beauty market players. In 2015, the company employed 3,200 people worldwide and achieved sales revenue of 330 million euros.


For more information, please their new website.verescence_sign_rvb

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