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The Flower Show hosted by Macy’s annually, this year met introduction of The Scent Event — A collaboration formed in partnership to the Fragrance Foundation.

Seeking to engage consumers with the roots of fragrance and elevate appreciation for the process involved, the event also enabled opportunity to embrace social media with a strong visual story for the often difficult to depict, nature of scent. With three aisles dedicated to fragrance, the Scent Event celebrated the marriage of deconstructed, raw material and those officiants necessary to their union.

In the first aisle, The event’s attendees met videos extolling how master perfumers define the power of scent, how they ascended to their esteemed position of rank in the industry, and how, when tasked with a scent’s conception, their approach to inception. The next aisle offered passers-by an interactive world view of raw materials and their geographic origins; the connection of which, quick whiff of on hand examples, solidified. The last aisle gifted insight into the pairing of of mood and fragrance to endow personalized revelation. Men and women both experience scent and opt to don one, in reverence to personal emotion–those they wish to project, currently feel, or even those they aspire to feel. Often the quick spritz of perfume offers that finishing touch, setting the tone for what comes next and helping us to rally our mood in spirit of said anticipation. Scent is as much for the person who wears it, as it is those who may accompany him or her. Scent accompanies an individual with trademark power–internally and externally.

The Scent Event generated lasting impression, much as entering into an elevator extends intimate introduction to the person recently departed from it. Encouraging persistence beyond the day’s affair, the event disbursed a sheet to highlight matched pairings of scents to mood with those presently available over the counter at Macy’s. In the bevy of scent inspired notes the educational opportunities of the Scent Event engendered, the achieved final note concluded the experience to be one of great sentiment–one which we may all hope to see returned.


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Raised in publishing, the gift of early exposure to the Cosmetics & Fragrance Industry and Fine Art world centered in NYC, endowed a penchant for words and deep appreciation of the visually, aesthetically pleasing. Residing presently in Delray Beach, FL,, Meredith, the mother of one, too handsomely adorable, preschool-aged son, engages Real Estate Development, Construction and Interior Design as matter of personal passion. Endeavoring to build a business which offers consultation to all the above, Meredith graduated from Muhlenberg College in 2010 with a B.A. in international Relations and concentration in Global Interdependence,

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