Scott Patric: Behind the Brush


By: Amber Alston 


Browsing through Scott Patric’s portfolio is like flipping through a celebrity magazine. The veteran make-up artist has worked with a myriad of clients that range from Naomi Campbell to The Queen of Jordan and nearly everyone in between. On any given day Scott Patric’s work is spread across the newsstands or lighting up the screen. While his roster has grown to enormous heights, Patric has remained a charismatic figure with an undying passion for his art. This month we caught up with Patric to discuss his stunning career, his role on the exciting new season of Project Runway and to get a few insider tips about all things beauty.

We’re talking in the middle of a storm, how are you surviving?

 I’m inside and I’m not moving an inch!

Let’s warm up a bit by talking about the new season of Project Runway. I’m curious about the process. How much creative freedom do you have? Do you decide on the make-up or do the designers?

It all starts with the way the model and the designer walk into the make-up room. There isn’t much back-and-forth. The designer tells me what they are going for and it is up to me to interpret it. If five people walk in and say I want a smokey eye, the viewer doesn’t want to see the same smokey eye five times. As an artist you know that there are thousands of smokey eyes. That’s how we play it. We dissect what’s out there and with each challenge we grow as make-up artists and the designer gets a unique identity.

How do cultivate “what’s out there” and translate it in the make-up room?

I live in New York! My eyes are always open to what’s going on around me. I look for inspiration in flowers, first sunrises and street life.

As a make-up artist you have to track changes. For example, no one did lips for colors for a while. And then you see them popping up on the runway again. You have to be aware of those changes and move with them.


During NYFW, several leading make-up artists said that the industry is moving away from the wildly popular over contoured look. What are your feelings on the trend?

Contouring is ubiquitous and boring.

Your portfolio is impressive to say the least. It is also wildly diverse. How do you approach each client’s unique needs? 

Research is the most important. I sit down and image search their best look. When I meet them I [present them with the photo] and say ‘you look so great here!’ As an experienced artist I just know what works. It’s not Mystery Date.

Project Runway has an impressive judging panel. This season Boy George, Little Big Town and Kesha are among a few to guest judge. Do you provide make-up for the judges and how do you approach clients to whom make-up is an important part of their persona?

We do all of the judge’s make-up. You just have to know your client. Take intuition plus preparation and confidence and there is no task that can’t be done.

What has it been like working in that wonderland make-up room?

Project Runway was with L’Oreal for years and it was a great partnership. There were so many amazing products; it is wonderful to work with a company of that magnitude. When I walked into the make-up room I felt like I was walking into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

This season we are working with Laura Gellar. They have amazing products with great punch and texture. All of my artists have loved it and so have my models. We have done a lot of fun looks with the Laura Gellar line.

What are the main differences between make-up for models and TV?

I’ve learned as a make-up artist that anything looks good on a model. An actress wants to look her best…a model wants to be happy. When you work with an actress you grow. You are taking a high look and pairing it for a real person’s face.

Photography has a flash and film does not. With both clients I am challenged to look at the lighting and work with the light as well as the client.


Before we go, I hear that you have a full-proof 10-minute beauty routine.


It’s simple solution for a fresh face. First, Moisturize. Then do the brows, they are the frame to a great face. Go from brow to shadow. Make sure you clean underneath and then finish up with concealer, foundation and last mascara.


Do you have any parting words?

When you are shopping for make-up take a bite out of everything!




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