Sally Beauty Bolstering Hair-Care By Adding Two Brands


Natural ingredients have become a strong trend in makeup and skin care. That much can be said for a whole host of different products we buy on an everyday basis too, making the exclusion of hair-care a little bit surprising. Consumers have yet to elevate naturally-driven products for hair in the same way as their skin-related counterparts.

Sally Beauty is hoping to change that with new products on the way from two of their affiliated brands, BCL Natural and Nature’s Gate. The move adds more hair products to the brand’s total selection while doubling as an all-natural offering as well.

“The beauty customer is increasingly more savvy about ingredients that are both good for them and good for the environment. Supporting market data shows this trend has been growing for a number of years and picking up momentum. It only makes sense that we provide our hair-care customers these options,” stated group vice president of merchandising at Sally Beauty, Linda Voracek.

For BCL Natural, there are expected to be a total of eight different products between their Repair & Reconstruct and Intense Hydration lines. The former contains a leave-in treatment mist and conditioning mask compared to the former’s leave-in conditioning creme and daily mist. Both lines also contain shampoo and conditioner as well which also boasts being all-natural.

Director of marketing at BCL Natural’s owner Bio Creative Labs, Tricia Buenvenida, points to the natural angle of the new products as coupling well with the Sally Beauty name.

“Organic products have been growing in all personal-care categories and, clearly, people are looking for more organic products in professional hair care, but they’ve been dissatisfied with the performance of the natural products out there. We want people to go into Sally and say, ‘Oh my gosh, it’s a high-performance, high-end line, but I can buy it at Sally.’ I think they will be excited to find something that smells delicious and actually works,” stated Buenvenida.

With all the products in the two lines being priced between $10.99 and $11.99, their January debut in Sally Beauty locations may provide the spark necessary to really bring natural hair-care into the mainstream with ingredients and a trusted name that customers are familiar with.

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