Rimmel London’s Edge Your Look Campaign Promoting Positive Self-Image

Following the hottest trends is one way we all try to look more like our universal image of beauty. From a young age, a lot of people want to be like someone else, trying to change who they are and become more like who they want to be than be happy for who they are.

That isn’t for everyone, but it’s a common theme for some. Rimmel London is hoping to change that way of thinking with their upcoming Edge Your Look campaign.

Mainly, the brand is expecting men and women to take to social media with the hashtag #edgeyourlook, embracing what makes them special. It will encourage those interested to not just take notice of their own beauty, but also celebrate the concept among millions of other people doing the same. The photos posted on social media are selfies, each person using their hands to make an “L” shape as a frame in the picture.

“We’re inviting consumers to join in by taking a picture of them posing with the ‘double L,’ and posting it to social media with the hashtag #edgeyourlook,” stated Coty vice president of color cosmetics and mass fragrances, Chandra Coleman. “We want to give consumers the opportunity to join a community of people who celebrate diversity and individuality.”

The campaign includes a video as well, showing products and the campaign’s hand symbols being displayed throughout. The new Magnif’eyes Eye Contour Palette and Oh My Gloss Oil Tint are being introduced, each coming in three palettes colors and four oils respectively.

Edge Your Look also features names like brand ambassadors Rita Ora and Cara Delevigne, both of which will take to their online profiles to support the cause.

They won’t alone though. Rimmel London has brought in multiple online influencers to further expand their reach towards a younger audience. Cora Corré, Maddi Waterhouse, Portia Ferrari and Lewys Ball round out an intriguing group capable of bringing together a wide audience of people.

Certainly, Edge Your Look is a cause everyone can get behind for all the right reasons.

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