Revlon’s “The Love Project” Campaign To Feature Lady Gaga, Pharrell, Ellen DeGeneres

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Revlon is taking their focus on the meaning of love to new heights. Their upcoming campaign, The Love Project, features the largest social reach in the beauty brand’s history on top of a few familiar faces.

Lady Gaga, Ellen DeGeneres and Pharrell will all make an appearance in the 360-degree campaign, emphasized in an ad set to premiere during the Oscars this sunday. With Gaga’s single “Million Reasons” as the backdrop, it launched today and can be viewed exclusively on her social media pages.

“The Love Project is the beginning of a social movement which aims to inspire more love, acceptance and caring in the world,” stated Revlon senior vice president of marketing, Carlos Barreto. “At the heart of this campaign is the belief that all people are beautiful and that love can create a better world.”

Revlon has also partnered with Amazon to do an entire takeover of their shipping boxes. They will be branded with the Revlon logo along with a “call to action,” asking recipients to write what loves means to them, take a picture and share it on social media.

“There are more than 10 million boxes moving into the U.S. marketplace right now, between now and mid-March,” stated Revlon senior vice president of corporate communications and corporate social responsibility, Pam Alabaster.

In addition to promoting the campaign itself, Sunday’s commercial will also encourage others to donate to their affiliated charitable organizations.

“We will be measuring engagement as a metric for success, as well as funds raised for our not-for-profit program partners,” added Alabaster.

Among the founding organizations are From One Hand to Another, Lady Gaga’s own Born This Way Foundation, the Trevor Project and Revlon-founded Women’s Heart Alliance. Revlon has already committed to donating $1 million to every one of them.

All of the campaign’s advertising directs those interested in donating to their website,, which will launch during the Oscars.

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