Revlon Tabs Gwen Stefani As A Global Brand Ambassador

Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani has had many looks since hitting the pop-culture spotlight as a singer. Her love for beauty and fashion has always been a trademark shown universally, even before she entered designing herself.

In fact, she was a humble makeup artist for Borghese before anything we know now. That is when she also found a passion for helping others look their best and feel amazing about their own beauty.

“I was a makeup artist when I was in my early twenties at the mall, they never trained me. I worked behind the counter there for Borghese, which nobody bought because it was expensive, and Ultima II, which I think is actually owned by Revlon,” stated Stefani. “I’d be like, ‘Let me put some makeup on you, let me show you what you could look like.’ I just remember making people feel so much joy and so inspired and so full of confidence, and that’s what makeup can do.”

Though she couldn’t have even fathomed it at the time, she would eventually find another avenue to do so in present day as a global ambassador for Revlon. The brand’s projects and interests were something that Gwen was quick to point out in reference to her new relationship with the brand.

“They have this Choose Love campaign, which is full of choice and positivity and dreams and truth and I feel like that’s aligning exactly with where I’m at in my personal life in the last couple of years and how I’ve had to kind of choose love, choose truth, choose to be positive and work my way back to a place of using my gift and sharing my love with people,” she added.

Stefani’s interest in makeup, while developing in her teenage and adult years, was something rooted in her childhood from her mother and grandmother.

“They had a look. My mom didn’t play — she put it together — she looked incredible,” she said. “It was always a bright pink cheek and bright pink lip, that was like, my first inspiration of color on lip.”

From the passion in her words alone, the choice is one that seems to be a perfect fit from both sides. If you aren’t already convinced, Gwen’s own endorsement should silence any remaining doubt.

“They’re so smart to pick me. This campaign…is really where my heart is at. Not to mention my obsession with makeup for my whole life,” Stefani stated.

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