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The near-two century alum of the global jewelry business is looking to adjust their advertising to give them more of an edge in today’s market. This new movement, being headed by Tiffany‘s chief executive Frederic Cumenal, has the talent and creative direction to do so starting with former model, Creative Director At Large of Vogue, and current stylist Grace Coddington.

Cumenal, who has seen rapid success in the past few years, formerly oversaw the Asia-Pacific, Japan, and Europe before being appointed to oversee all regions of Tiffany’s business as Senior Vice President in 2013. He would then be promoted to President of Global Sales, Marketing, Merchandise, Design and Distribution as well as to their Board of Directors later that year. By 2015, Cumenal was given the title of Chief Executive by the board, supplanting Michael J. Kowalski who would remain as chairman.

Coddington brings an experience in multiple areas of the fashion industry that is unparalleled today, having previously stepped down as Vogue’s Creative Director in January before joining Tiffany as a creative partner in April. In tandem with global marketing director Tom Lakis and photographer David Sims, this new marketing campaign brings a fresh image to the classic brand and line of products that Tiffany is known for, employing a completely different perspective. Sporting the appropriate tagline “Legendary Style,” it boasts portraits hand-picked by Coddington herself that begin by doing away with the typical black-and-white lifeshots in favor of color. This isn’t to say that the use of their original black-and-white look is completely gone as it is still being utilized on a double page spread, though now incorporating close-up body shots of jewelry being modeled. Another collection in the works for the campaign, titled “Out of Retirement,” features archived pieces being displayed in ways that show new looks to classic styles.

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This isn’t the first time the household name in jewelry has looked to outside minds for inventive new ways to present their brands. Dating back to 2013, Tiffany has hired the likes of designer Francesca Amfitheatrof and Coach creative director Reed Krakoff to help give them a fresh take on their advertising efforts. Needless to say, the company is exhausting many avenues in their pursuit of bringing a signature marketability in the jewelry world to younger audiences while still capturing the essence of their brand that they’ve known for the majority of it’s existence.

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