A Podiatrist’s Solution to Wearing Heels

A few months ago, a woman working a temp job in London as a receptionist was sent home without pay. The reason? She refused to wear heels because she was expected to complete a nine-hour shift, escorting clients to meeting rooms, as reported on Glamour Magazine.

Sexist issues aside which subject women to completely different standards to men, means you can’t blame a woman for choosing flats over stilettos in the workplace. Regardless if you’re already worn a pair in, wearing heels during the workweek when you have to walk between meetings is an absolute pain. Heels come in all lengths and silhouettes, as the fashion editors from Lyst show off their range of pumps, clogs, platforms and wedges all of which are deemed trending fashion items, right now. But no matter how chunky or how low the heel is you can never really avoid the pain of squished toes or the pressure on the balls of your feet at the end of the day.

Luckily, people are working very hard to change the way that women wear heels. Take a look at what Dr. Joan Oloff has accomplished so far.

A California based podiatrist by trade, Dr. Oloff explains that traditional heels are quite abusive, saying that you don’t have to suffer in order to feel beautiful or gain the confidence that comes from a pair of pumps. Thus, she decided to reimagine the structure of heels to address all the detrimental effects to health that is usually associated with these accessories, namely orthopedic injuries. By studying x rays of feet in traditional heels, she was able to design a shoe by realigning the angle that your foot would slip into the heel, essentially redistributing the pressure throughout the foot, rather than it being concentrated in the ball of the foot. Dr. Oloff shares with ABC News, “So because your entire foot is sharing that load, you don’t fatigue, the muscles don’t fatigue. You don’t get hip pain. You don’t get knee pain. You don’t get lower back pain.”

Joan Oloff Shoes don’t come cheap, but the wearability and the luxury detailing make them a worthy investment. Couture and comfort are not a conventional combination in elite women’s shoe brands, which sets Dr. Oloff’s products miles ahead of the rest. Several style reporters have even put the shoes to the test, jogging on a track to see how truly comfortable the heels are, only to discover the shoes are red mark and blister proof. What more can you look for in a pair of heels?

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