Patagonia Donating 100 Percent of Black Friday Global Sales


If you’ve had your eye on Patagonia products in anticipation of Black Friday, you now have even more reason to.

The brand has stated that all proceeds from their global sales this coming holiday will be donated to grassroots groups. Primarily, these environmental organizations specialize in working towards benefitting natural amenities in local communities.

President and chief executive officer at Patagonia, Rose Marcario, is hoping this will allow those shopping for holiday gifts to give back to our planet as well.

“We’re just days from Black Friday, one of the biggest consumer shopping days of the year in America,” she stated. “And as people think generously about family and friends, we also want to help our customers show love to the planet, which badly needs a gift or two.”

In reference to the organizations receiving donations, Marcario stated that “These are small groups, often underfunded and under the radar, who work on the front lines. The support we can give is more important now than ever. We’ll also provide information in our stores and on our web site about how to get in touch with these groups and easily be active in your own communities — on Black Friday and every day.”

The holiday announcement isn’t Patagonia’s first charitable act towards our environment, however, as the brand already donates one percent of their daily global sales to the cause as well.

“We are always looking for ways to further reduce our manufacturing footprint, including our company’s reliance on fossil fuels,” Marcario added. “We also fund grassroots environmental organizations by giving away 1 percent of our sales.”

Marcario also stated that, since the company first began donating from their daily global sales, the amount has reached $74 million. With the noticeable changes our planet has shown environmentally, she made it clear that every effort is a step in the right direction.

This we know,” she stated, “if we don’t act boldly, severe changes in climate, water and air pollution, extinction of species and erosion of topsoil are certain outcomes. The threats facing our planet affect people of every political stripe, of every demographic, in every part of the country. We all stand to benefit from a healthy environment.”

Even if you won’t be taking part in the hectic Black Friday deals at one of Patagonia’s store, sales from their website are also included and offer the same

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