NYFW Spring 2017 Recap

Christian Siriano

christian-Christian Siriano definitely knows how to execute elegance without going to overboard and that was certainly the case during his Spring 2017 presentation, which took place at the Plaza Hotel. However, the designer did miss the mark when it comes to simplicity adding too many embellishments to simple garments. With that being said we do praise the craftsmanship and the inclusiveness of his designs and shows that make him triumphant staple of NYFW.

Calvin Klein

afasfaRaf Simons initiated his reign as chief creative officer at Calvin Klein with the most buzzed about show of the week. Being a European designer, Simons seemed to truly understand American design with an American themed collection. Drawing inspiration the 90’s era Calvin Klein the designer brought his European flair to the American fashion staple. The collection featured pieces for men and women alike truly speaking to the CK customer. We are looking forward to many great things to come from Simons during his tenure at the iconic American brand.

Carolina Herrera

carolinaWith the designer’s legal troubles behind her, Carolina Herrera had no choice but to prove she is still a design force to be reckoned with. Her love for the white shirt worked for her in a big way, showcasing different designs for the everyday women rather than the younger audience that she has leaned towards in the past. Beautifully constructed ball gowns blew us away and made us wanting more from the legendary designer with this season proving she has enough ideas all on her own.

Ralph Lauren

jdsjnsjnSee-now-buy-now has become the trend in fashion recently and Ralph Lauren has continued this trend showing his Spring 2017 collection that is available in store now. Lauren is the epitome of classic American design and this season he showed that he truly knows how to dress women. There was no theme per se, as they tend to be little cheesy, however Lauren showcased romantic distance with discretion that spoke volumes and never crossed over to cliché. In our opinion, this collection was a home run and the new fad is working wonders for the fashion house.

Oscar de la Renta

oscar-Oscar de la Renta took a risk this season showing with Monse, which in our opinion paid off both financially and creatively. Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia proved that they could truly carry the romantic and feminine essence of the late Mr. de la Renta. Many critics disagree and called the collection old fashioned. However, we love old fashioned and are firm believers in making what is old new again. After all, that is the industry we are in, is it not? With that being said, there is still work to be done at the house of de la Renta and only time will tell if the new designers have what it takes to put their stamp on the industry.

Brandon Maxwell

fsffgfgdBrandon Maxwell has done it again. The young designer knows how to make his designs looks effortlessly simple and still remain glamorous. One thing is for sure, Maxwell was breaking out from his norm and making his clothes shorter, sexier and much more va-va-voom showing that he has staying power. The mix of leather and fur stood out to us and swept us off our feet. The fact that he added more color into his typical monochromatic collection shows that he isn’t afraid to take risks and try out what works- and what doesn’t.

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