The Newest Innovation In Men’s Grooming: Single Use Shaving Minis



San-Francisco based Pacific Shaving Company, a leading manufacturer of innovative shaving essentials, announces its newest breakthrough product for the grooming industry — Single-Use Shaving Cream Minis, a proprietary formula of rich shaving cream encapsulated in single-dose water-soluble “pods.”  These Shaving Cream Minis are the first commercial cosmetic product to use this technology. Just wet, lather and shave. No mess and zero waste. 

Single-Use Shaving Cream Minis (40-count) retail for $7.99 each and are available nationwide at retailers including Target (February 5th), CVS in early April and online at Pacific Shaving Company and Amazon. I would be happy to send any samples for consideration. 


Benefits of Single-Use Shaving Cream Minis:

Fun to Use:Just wet, lather, and shave. They’re like magic! 

Great for Travel: Toss a few Minis into your gym bag or carry-on (TSA-Friendly). 

    Use them anywhere and everywhere you shave.

Convenient: Minis are packaged in a compact, resealable pouch. 

 Bye-bye bulky aluminum cans.

Small but Mighty: The concentrated formula creates an ultra-rich, exceptionally 

   moisturizing shaving cream. 

Mess/Waste Free:  Water-soluble film completely dissolves, leaving no mess and

zero waste. 

No synthetic fragrances, no animal testing, vegan, paraben-free

“When it comes to shaving cream products, we believe Single-Use Shaving Cream Minis represents the first truly innovative product in the category since gel was introduced in the 1970’s – almost fifty years,” said Stan Ades, co-founder of Pacific Shaving Company. “By taking cues from adjacent market categories with respect to form, function, and packaging, Single-Use Shaving Cream Minis are at once, completely new and completely familiar.”

Among Pacific Shaving Company’s other innovative products are its popular Caffeinated Shaving Cream & Aftershave. ($7.99 each). These products effectively use caffeine (a vasoconstrictor) to reduce the appearance of redness, and keep skin looking and feeling healthy all day. Put caffeine on your mug, not in it.

The company also offers a handy Nick Stick® ($5.99) to help put nicks in their place. Made with vitamin E and aloe, this liquid roll-on applies without mess, works immediately, and dries clear. Shaving is no way to give blood!

Founded and run by husband and wife team Stan Ades and CC Sofronas, Pacific Shaving Company is a leading manufacturer of innovative and effective grooming products for men and women. Pacific Shaving Company’s line of shaving essentials are accessible, affordable and practical for everyday use — breaking through the barriers that give shaving a bad name.  

The company was founded in 2002 in San Francisco and has been featured on USA Today, Men’s Journal, Men’s Health, Business Insider, Forbes, InStyle, Maxim, Allure, Seventeen, Good Day New York and Good Morning America. For more information on the company, please visit


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