New Yorkers Shopping Manolo Blahnik Sample Sale Amid Election



Everyone is waking up this morning thinking about the same big event in store today: the Manolo Blahnik Sample Sale. Probably not what you were expecting, right?

Voting has begun for the current presidential election, but hundreds of voters are working their schedule to fit shopping in as well. Manolo Blahnik is hosting a sample sale at the Warwick Hotel on West 54th today with the hope of finding discounted shoes at the semi-annual sale.

“The polls are open until 9 [tonight], and I could only have the babysitter so long — you can take the kids to the polls, but not so much to the Manolo sale,” said Jennifer, an attendee of the sample sale.

Another shopper, Joann, stated “Shoes first and voting later. I have until 9, so as long as I do it as some point,” regarding her schedule today.

Some may not understand, but shoes at the event are currently selling for $125 and up. This represents roughly 70 percent off as compared to their regular retail price. Boots are being sold near $200.

For those prices, it isn’t all that surprising to see interested shoppers postpone their duty to vote for just a little while longer.

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