New Pirelli Calendar Targeting Older Demographic


Pirelli has been known as a high-end car tire company for decades. Aside from the quality they stand by with their products, it can also be attributed to their yearly calendar spread.

Every year, men of all ages purchase the calendar flush with pictures of some of the world’s most beautiful models. This isn’t the case for the coming 2017 edition, however, that brings more mature models with notable names of their own. Dame Hellen Mirren, Julianne Moore and Charlotte Rampling are just three of the names that photographer Peter Lindbergh shot with a natural view in mind.

Known for taking the iconic January 1990 Vogue cover that included Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Tatjana Patitz, Christy Turlington and Linda Evangelista, Lindbergh has stated that none of the calendar’s photograph’s were retouched or changed prior to publishing the finished product. While showing the each subject authentically, this also emphasizes the natural beauty and intelligence of each model that comes with their difference in age.

This is a rather massive aspect to consider when deciding which demographic a published piece like this is looking towards. While younger customers are usually at the forefront of initial advertising in beauty, there is also an equivocally large older market that isn’t looking for the same message. The latter is assumably comprised of more individuals with consistent incomes as well.

It isn’t easy to promote a product for both sides of that division in age. This is especially true for an older demographic that, more than likely, is looking for brands and products they can trust. For a brand like Pirelli, whose name and service date back to the 19th century, this can’t be an understated ideal.

In fact, the argument could be made to state it as much as possible. Seeing their brand’s calendar, predominantly known for showcasing younger models, and gambling a full year’s edition on flipping that that concept shows trust, and respect, for the new demographic it’s pursuing.

There may not be any two words more synonymous with age than trust and respect. The move should be emulated by other brands targeting the same demographic, one that is hoping for the same.

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