NEW! La Roche-Posay Makeup For Sensitive Skin

As a leading skincare brand for sensitive skin, La Roche-Posay works with dermatologists to develop and introduce some of the finest, most innovative formulations that continue to be in high demand worldwide. Today, La Roche-Posay is excited to introduce its highly anticipated collection of cosmetics to the US! The U.S. launch includes two products under the Toleriane franchise, two Respectissime mascaras and a makeup remover, available on Amazon and Research[1] found that after a month-long trial of La Roche-Posay makeup, 74% of women regained self-confidence and reduced embarrassment, 81% noticed an improvement in quality of life, and 95% feel more at ease in public!

La Roche-Posay’s makeup range originated in France in 1994 by La Roche-Posay Laboratories founder, René Levayer. A true altruist, he held the strong belief that makeup is a valuable tool to help women regain their self-esteem. To make his vision come to life, Levayer teamed up with renowned makeup artist Alain Barthélémy, and together they developed the first complexion corrector tolerated by sensitive skin. This collaboration also led to the creation of the Corrective Make-up Workshop at the La Roche-Posay Thermal Center that aims to restore confidence in three stages:

  • The collective workshop
    • Psychology of corrective make-up, introduction to dermo-cosmetics, demonstration of essential techniques for daily beauty enhancement.
  • Individual session
    • Analysis of needs and desires for tailored advice, summarized into a “beauty prescription.”
  • Self-application make-up session
    • Each participant learns how to apply make-up in a series of easy-to-learn steps.

Devoted to adhering to consumers’ needs, La Roche-Posay continues to bring products that are high demand over to the U.S. Most recently, the high tolerance makeup lines offer a range of products to reveal the beauty in sensitive skin, as well as offering a better quality of life. Specially designed for sensitive skin and eyes, the cosmetics are formulated to ensure high tolerance during and after application. The formulas minimize irritation and ensure dermatological and ophthalmological comfort without compromising a visibly flawless complexion or voluminous-looking lashes. The collection is comprised of:

  • Toleriane Teint Mousse ($30): Mattifying foundation for oily, sensitive skin that minimizes the appearance of pores and covers blemishes. Helps control shine for long-lasting, matte skin.
  • Toleriane Teint Correcting Pen ($25): Visibly color corrects imperfections on all skin types. Available in three shades
  • Yellow concealer: helps to highlight and brighten to visibly cover bluish imperfections, such as dark under eye circles, to help skin look more even.
  • Dark beige concealer: helps visibly cover mild to moderate skin imperfections on medium/tan skin, such as blemishes, visible redness or visible dark spots for a more even skin tone.
  • Light beige concealer: helps visibly cover skin imperfections on fair skin such as blemishes, visible redness or visible dark spots for a more even skin tone.
  • Respectissime Extension Mascara ($25): Lengthening mascara for sensitive eyes. It’s formulated with polymer to smooth and define the look of lashes while applying the color along the entire lash. Lashes look thicker, well separated and structured from the root to the end.
  • Respectissime Waterproof Mascara ($25): Waterproof, volumizing mascara for sensitive eyes that creates 3-dimensional volume to make the lashes look denser, more curved and separated. It’s formulated with texturizing waxes for volumized and visibly amplified lashes, yet is still easy to remove.
  • Respectissime Makeup Remover ($20): Bi-phase formula for sensitive eyes that instantly and effectively removes waterproof makeup without harsh rubbing.

La Roche-Posay products are designed with sensitive skin in mind, but are suitable for all skin types.

The cosmetics are available to purchase online at and


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