Natura Brasil Bringing South American Heritage To U.S. Market

Roger Schmid and George Ledes at the Natura Boutique in New York City

Cultures are constructed in infinitely similar, yet different aspects from one another. Though unfamiliar to those who aren’t accustomed, each carries their own individualized and unique grandeur.

Brazil is no exemption from this either. The amazon rainforest has a particular beauty that may not be understood without the impressive context gained from viewing it personally.

Sharing that perspective, Natura Brasil has made it their objective to translate the beauty of the largest country in South America, as well as their success in the region, to more areas of North America. The challenge has been one that Natura’s Roger Schmid hasn’t underestimated for one of the most well-known beauty brands in Brazil as it opens it’s new store in New York.

“Indeed, in Brazil (and increasingly all over Latin America) we are so known and recognized that it is not evident for HQ to look at the brand from a distance,” stated Schmid. “Our team in New York had consequently the challenge to present a Natura that is true to its heritage and values, but also a discovery for new consumers.”

The devotion to their roots holds a lot of pride for the brand. That isn’t specific to just their own packaging either, which began using 100% post-recycled, green sugarcane ethanol plastic in 2010. It extends much, much further.

Natura first began with the opening of their initial store in São Paolo in 1969. They would later extend their positive reach in 1990 with their Truly Beautiful Women campaign, encouraging valuation and discovery of one’s own beauty across any age.

Fifteen years later, the brand launched the Natura Music Program to benefit and support the country’s unique music.

Launching the Instituto Natura in 2011, their non-profit organization began working to improve the quality of Brazil’s public eduction.

“Natura’s goal is to help in the creation of an Amazonian Economy that keeps the trees standing,” added Schmid, later delving into the importance of the Brazilian Portuguese-based language of the culture that the brand represents.

“There is a music to it, a warmth, that affects our philosophy around the concept of “bem estar bem”, so difficult to translate, based on the belief that good living is linked to the comfort you have with your body.”

To their credit, they were granted B Corp certification, being the largest and first publicly-traded company to achieve the status for sustainability in 2014 before being awarded the U.N. Champions of the Earth prize. The latter is the highest environmental honor that can be bestowed upon an organization.

Schmid also commented on the transitional process that comes with bringing their brand to the U.S., especially their new store in Nolita, New York, stating that it “consists really in the human touch, something very important to our way of doing things. We want to be perceived as a new brand, that brings Rituals from a culture that loves Beauty, in a friendly and non-arrogant way.”

When asked of the mindset he hopes new consumers will have after experiencing Natura Brasil’s new store, Schmid hopes it will be “I have just discovered new Beauty products that stimulate my senses and make me feel good, from a surprising company that is creating a better world.”

For more information on Natura Brasil, visit their website.

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