Rebecca Minkoff SoHo Store Adding Self-Checkout Technology


Everyone wants convenience. Being able to avoid lines and delay when going into a store is nothing short of revolutionary compared to what used to be an inevitability. Self-checkout is an increasingly popular choice as customers look to expedite as much time between the end of their shopping and leaving the store itself.

The future lies in bringing this technological improvement to other areas of retail, an idea to which Rebecca Minkoff is well ahead of the curve.

“More and more we are seeing Millennials want to be in complete control of any and all of their shopping, and that includes payment. Long gone are the days where you needed to depend fully on a sales assistant to request new sizes or to ring you up,” stated chief executive officer of Rebecca Minkoff, Uri Minkoff. “We needed to continue finding ways to make her feel like she can have multiple experiences.”

The newest way resides in the brand’s partnership with QueueHop, a start-up based out of the New York area that is looking to capitalize on the movement. Having participated in Y Combinator’s three-month fundraising program, Rebecca Minkoff is the first brand they’ve worked with since launching this past January.

Their system offers much more than the traditional self-checkout shown in other stores, though. One major improvement is mobile self-checkout, taking the same idea but giving customers the convenience of using an app from their smart phone. Users can just scan a product’s QR code and buy the product directly from their phone.

It’s fair to question how this method hasn’t been more widely utilized. According to QueueHop’s chief executive officer and cofounder, Lindon Gao, the problem in implementation comes from the price of individual products and the risk of theft, an issue the brand has taken into consideration.

“The security tag unlocks upon payment, and this is not seen anywhere else,” stated Gao. “High ticketed items that are tagged in regular stores would require staff assistance for removal. QueueHop’s system automates the whole process with technology alone.”

It is yet another way in which technology is simplifying areas of our lives that we couldn’t have believed was possible or unnecessary until it becomes a reality.

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