More Millennial Shoppers Looking For Simpler Skin Care

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Seeing the new trends of another generation can definitely seem odd at the time. Nevertheless, moving with the current can lead to sales results for companies willing to take the leap.

That now seems to be the route for many beauty brands concerning millennial shopping habits. Specifically, there has been a substantial movement relating to products focused more on quick results than anything else.

“Consumers are looking for quick-fix solutions and using makeup to offset [skin issues], so skin care is shifting into more primary care,” stated NPD Group global beauty analyst, Karen Grant.

Other trends surrounding these simplified products work in cooperation with this demand as well. While caring less for anti-aging ingredients, they can still incorporate the growing popularity of staying natural. The straightforward, no-nonsense attitude surrounding both is very similar.

The concept also brings new debate to where young consumers are buying their products. Conventional drug stores may be the biggest beneficiaries as a result of their convenience.

A key aspect of the experience is finding what you need, buying it and completing the process with immediacy. This contrasts heavily to that of browsing cosmetics at a large retailer, surrounded by dozens of choices with varying arrays of difference to one another, but all universally made for the same purpose. It really just depends on which method any given individual prefers. However, a very large portion of that modern demographic consists of millennial consumers.

It is still very early to assume that this will last. Odds of that being true are just as high as the opposite, making the plunge for some brands risky. For those willing to entrust in the voice of such a large consumer base, the reward could theoretically be huge.

There was once a time when the concept of an online store gaining enough traction to be worth billions was outrageous too. Now, the world has Amazon.

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