Martha Stewart Eyeing Chinese Market Through Alibaba


In a recent press conference, Martha Stewart gave some interesting details regarding marketing her Martha Stewart Living products in China. The hope would be to link with Chinese e-commerce site Alibaba as soon as possible in order to do so. This took place after the keynote speech at an Alibaba-sponsored event, where she praised the company while stating that she had purchased some shares in the site as well.

“I think it’s an amazing company and what they’re doing is so right on in putting the buyer together with the seller in a clever and clear way. That’s an opportunity I want to be involved in,” stated Stewart. Though Alibaba declined to comment, officials did state that her appearance at the event shows her commitment to the growth of the homewares and lifestyle market.

Stewart also hinted at possibly opening brick-and-mortar stores in China for her brand, though it seemed apparent that e-commerce is still their main focus. Currently, the brand doesn’t sell through Alibaba’s Tmall platform directly, but are available through Macy’s Tmall store, leaving few surprised when Martha complimented the site for being “a very appealing way to sell products.”

She also gave a lot of credit to Alibaba’s founder, Jack Ma, as well, who she described alongside Jeff Bezos as “the greatest merchants in the entire world.”

The Martha Stewart Living brand has seen success from the U.S. middle-class market, and while this carries many differences from the middle-class in China, Stewart maintained that good quality products at an affordable price is universal and will translate into the world’s most populous country despite. “I hope our product, which stands for good quality and design, will be appealing in this market,” said Stewart. “I mean, you can only try.”


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