Marin Hopper Revamps Jet Blue Mint Class’ Amenities Kit



Accessory designer Marin Hopper has a pretty busy schedule on a weekly basis. Specifically, it requires a substantial amount of time in the air flying from different cities almost daily.

“I take the 11 p.m. from New York so I can have dinner [first],” she stated. “I arrive in L.A. at 1 a.m., sleep, and do a full day’s work before jumping on the 4 p.m. back to New York.”

A side product of doing so is getting to see in-flight service regularly, seeing the different ways airlines provide their customers with benefits designed to make each person’s experience as enjoyable as possible.

Hopper’s airline of choice is JetBlue, often as a passenger in their Mint first-class section. The service involves provisions from their “Made in New York’ program like baked goods from Village Bakery and Mah-Zeh-Dahr in addition to custom headphones from Grado, a Brooklyn-based company. This is where she received numerous hands-on opportunities to see their amenities kit as well, one which she believed was in much need of an upgrade.

Lending her expertise, she redesigned the amenities kit from top to bottom. The former disposable cardboard shell was replaced with a reusable frame, filled with high-end products only made in the United States. With two concepts, male and female, have stylish and detailed aspects from denim to lean metal and the finely-stitched logo on the front.

Both kits contain premium items such as a towelette from Herban Essentials, Hint Mint cinnamon breath mints, Noyah Lip Balm, a fabric eye mask from either denim or canvas and earplugs. There has also been talk of adding other items in the future like socks or a toothbrush kit.


JetBlue vice president of marketing, Jamie Perry, has known Marin Hopper and her husband, Jonh Goldstone, for years and was excited by the collaboration after visiting the Hayward House store on East 70th Street, prompting him to rethink the airline’s current amenities kit.

“As Mint service grew beyond its New York roots, we were conscious that we wanted to stay true to our New York heritage, but also start to introduce elements of other Mint cities,” said Perry

With the upgrade to their stellar Mint first-class service, JetBlue looks to continue providing affordable luxury to their customer base for years to come.

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