Macy’s Adding Self-Service To Shoe Dept As Changes Continue

Calling the last two years rough for Macy’s is probably one of the more obvious understatements for the brand. Very little has been able to slow the retailer’s decline over that span, in turn spurring various changes to their retail experience.

Macy’s continues to do so with the introduction of self-service in their shoe department. The adjustment comes about in an effort to adapt to changing consumer interests today that revolve around quicker and more intuitive shopping.

Many will remember their signature customer service, talking to a representative about which particular footwear you would like, with the employee going into their storeroom to retrieve it. Though providing a much more personal experience, not everyone is looking for that in today’s technology and convenience-oriented world.

The new self-service allows for customers to pick shoes by size and color on their own without necessary assistance to do so. Sound Familiar?

It should if you’ve ever ventured into any discount department store. Retailers like T.J. Maxx and Marshalls use this model of service throughout their stores. Macy’s wouldn’t typically find themselves in the same conversation, but our pre-constructed ideas of what was typical for retail is tremendously far from that of modern reality.

Macy’s even introduced their Backstage store for off-priced, heavily discounted items a few weeks ago. Since its inception, 26 have been added with the brand expecting 19 more in one year’s time.

The concept was only the first of such too. The retailer has also consolidated their clearance items into their Last Act section, once again contributing to the growing questions surrounding Macy’s as a whole.

Surely, Macy’s won’t totally morph away from being the store we’ve all known for well over a century of service. To think that they won’t be affected drastically by declining sales numbers may be naive as well considering those that have already come about.

The struggle between those opposite sides of the spectrum will only be tested more and more as Macy’s keeps attempting to turn years of negative momentum back in the right direction.

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