MAC Unveils New Caitlyn Jenner Collection

Caitlyn Jenner has fearlessly shared her transition with the world, and her new M∙A∙C collection continues that mission, proudly championing All Ages, All Races, and All Sexes. Elegant, classic shades for lips, eyes and cheeks are beautifully suited for those who embrace life, in whatever form they choose.


A source close to the company called MAC Caitlyn Jenner a “classic MAC collaboration.”

“It’s a diversity play and [is in line with] the long-standing brand position of All Ages, All Races and All Sexes,” the source continued. “It’s part of conversation. There will be people who love and people who won’t love it. It will definitely be a little controversial.”


After her successful collaboration with MAC for their VIVA Glam campaign it only makes sense that that former Olympian will come out with  a full cosmetics collection. Featuring everything from false eye lashes to blush to lip essentials, this collection is sure to inspire you beauty looks to be as bold a Caitlyn.


Prices range from $33-$16 and will be available in North America January 5, 2017 on and internationally on  January 2017


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