Luxe Pack: Interview With Olga Bursac of Bormioli Luigi

Highlights this year:

Since Bormioli Luigi is the partner for luxury and innovation glass packaging, this year’s presentation at the Luxe Pack will showcase several of our innovation processes such as super light ECO friendly cosmetic jars, our new glass on glass process which involves specially formulated invisible glues, a new generation of hybrid bright inside coating colors and very unique laser internal engraving techniques.



The Eco friendly jar sustainability is regarded as an important key driver and growing trend in package development. The decreased glass quantity reduces the impact on the environment of the raw materials we use, as well as overall glass manufacturing and final part of the process – the transport of the product. What we gain, across the supply chain is an eco compatible luxury of product. As for Forme, our glass on glass innovative process, the freedom to tailor a bottle, by assembling separate glass parts together, allows a huge freedom of creativity.


Key impression for our client/visitor

Bormioli Luigi is a high end global glass partner who continues to push the boundaries of traditional glass making into new areas of innovative opportunity.

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