La Parfums Louis Vuitton Opening U.S. Pop-Up Shop Today


After having completed a tour of five different cities across the globe, Louis Vuitton is now bringing their new fragrance collection to the United States.

The La Parfums Louis Vuitton pop-up shop is set to debut today at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, Calif., a location that joins Paris, London, Dubai and Seoul on a small list of places to host the shop since October. The seven fragrances are the first produced by the brand in seven decades.

According to the brand, choosing California also holds a special meaning to Louis Vuitton.

“It [the relationship] goes back as early as 1940. Launching a perfume for us is about being faithful to our roots…[and] this is our first perfume launch in 70 years,” stated chief executive officer and chairman of brand, Michael Burke, in an interview with WWD. “It’s about reacquiring this trade with a desire to create permanent, innovative and iconic scents.”

The brand has also made clear that the fragrance collection will only be sold in Louis Vuitton locations. Doing so gives emphasizes the pop-up shops’ limited timeline, with the California location running until July 1st.

“Pop-up stores are great tools for us to tell the story behind our products, especially for such a special project like our multiple fragrance launch,” Burke added. “They create the excitement and they allow us to connect with our clients in a different way.”

As for the fragrances themselves, they are being offered in two sizes and prices: 200-ml. for $350 and the smaller 100-ml. bottle for $240. They can be found in almost 200 of Louis Vuitton’s stores currently and, of course, in their pop-up shop.

With the worldwide traveling of the collection, there should be plenty of Californians excited for the shop’s launch today that has only continued to substantiate the brand’s re-entrance into the fragrance industry.

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