Louis Vuitton Launches First Fragrance Line Since 1920’s


In many cases, it’s become pretty common for brands in the fashion to release fragrances to bring their name towards multiple angles of the beauty industry. This becomes the case where new scents are developed and released several times a year, even every season. Though not known for their fragrances, Louis Vuitton looks to return to their oldest roots by releasing seven new scents this coming fall. The collection, created by house master perfumer Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud, brings with it the first scents dawning the Louis Vuitton name in almost 90 years. Looking all the way back to 1927, Louis Vuitton originally released their first perfume Heures d’Absence. They would then release Je Tu Il a year later, their last offering until just recently.

Celebrating women and femininity, flowered scents are the main focus of the collection. One of the offerings, known as Rose des Vents, brings a trio of different rose scents including the rose de mai from Grasse, France. This served as a main place of creation and  inspiration for Cavallier-Belletrud, bringing the carbon dioxide process of obtaining centifolia absolute that’s exclusive to Vuitton in the region and done with Firmenich.



The Turbulences scent, conjuring memories of the creator’s experience in a jasmine and tuberose garden near Grasse, was meant to capture the experience of the mixture of those aromas. The intended effect was achieved using tuberose extract from India, absolute of jasmine sambac, may rose, leather notes and Chinese magnolia oil.

Translated as “under my skin,” Dans La Peau was created using CO2 jasmine extract, leather notes and sambac jasmine from China. Cavallier-Belletrud wanted to imagine a new leather note from one of Vuitton’s house scents, later using a natural infusion with alcohol, leather and heat to come to the final product.

Holding true to the floral-based scents, the Apogée is a tribute to the art of ikebana, also known as the art of japanese floral arrangments. Containing a note of May rose, a base note of guaiac wood note and sandalwood essence, it is also a tribute to the Lily of the valley.

Contre Moi is considered a new variation of oriental vanilla, bringing a very soft scent from Tahiti as well as a vanilla infusion from Madagascar that has more of a leathery and animalic quality. It highlights the difference between vanilla fragrance and other flower essences commonly used.

Matière Noir sports notes of blackcurrent, white narcissus and sambac jasmine for a very lasting scent. Translated into “Black Matter,” it is a “modern chypre” that’s woody, leathery and spicy like saffron.

Mille Feux, or Thousand Fires, also brings a leather-infusion base. It brings a light, fruity smell from osmantus flower paired with apricot to achieve a raspberry-esque scent.

Meant to describe emotion and specific intentions, each fragrance adds collectively to a very unique offering from Louis Vuitton. The bottles, created by Marc Newson, uses black lettering with the Louis Vuitton logo engraved in the bottom of the bottle. The white-and-gold packaging surrounding it is meant to replicate the look of their 1928 offering, Je Tu Il, with a modern feel. The collection launches September 1st, coming in 200 and 100 ml. sizes for $240 and $350 respectably.

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