Kylie Cosmetics Facing Lawsuit From Makeup Artist


Kylie Cosmetics has continued to soar throughout 2016 between it’s own products, the brand’s first pop-up shop and it’s collaboration with Kylie’s sister, Kendall. The brand may have found themselves in a difficult situation, however, with news of an upcoming lawsuit from a disgruntled makeup artist.

Vlada Haggerty has allegedly decided to file suit against Kylie Cosmetics regarding creative properties used in their current product campaign that debuted in September. The brand recently posted on Instagram with a photograph that shares a striking resemblance to another belonging to her and taken by Julia Kuzmenko.

Upon seeing the image, the artist posted one as well comparing her own to Kylie’s counterpart.




Giving Kylie Cosmetics the benefit of the doubt becomes pretty difficult when seeing the lack of contrast between the two. This becomes even more so considering how much earlier Haggerty alleges Kuzemenko took their photograph beforehand,  on top of allegations of this happening in a prior incident as well.

Stephen McArthur, a member of the McArthur Law Firm, is representing Haggerty in the upcoming suit and spoke on behalf of his client.

“Vlada Haggerty is a Los Angeles makeup artist who is known for pioneering the dripping lip art style. This is the second time that Kylie Cosmetics has taken one of [her] images without any acknowledgement and without the payment of a proper licensing fee, which is copyright infringement,” he stated. “Additionally, Kylie Cosmetics sells its products under a logo that is so similar to the dripping lip art style that symbolizes Ms. Haggerty’s makeup artist brand that she receives daily inquires as to whether she is associated with Kylie Cosmetics. Theft by big brands like Kylie Cosmetics from original artists without proper licensing and attribution must stop. Due to Kylie Cosmetics’ repeated infringement and refusal to properly attribute or license, we plan to file a lawsuit early this week.”

The pending suit has yet to be put in motion, though this will be an interesting story to follow as the possible proceedings begin to take shape heading into the new year.

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