Are The Kardashians To Blame For The Rise In Beauty Procedures?

No one is perfect. While some may look in the mirror and see more personal faults than others around them, we all find some issues with our appearance that we wished we could change.

That idea alone likely plays a role in the popularity of popular beauty procedures. Granted, most have been in existence for a considerably long time. What separates the mindset surrounding it now from that of the past centers around today’s most notable celebrity family.

This idea was delved into in detail recently by WWD, bringing the insight and perspective of Dr. Simon Ourian. Having magnified his name with his association to the Kardashians, he claims that the family is the “biggest influencing power force behind any concept that happens on social media.”

Dr. Ourian detailed his thoughts on their reach online worldwide and it’s impressive size.

“I can’t think of any other celebrity who has more impact on social media or on culture as a whole than they do,” Ourian stated. “That’s not debatable. They have more than half-a-billion social media followers between all [of them].…That’s more than twice the size of the U.S.”

With this in mind, their voices through social media undoubtably carry a great deal of weight for impressionable youth.

One might not go as far as to suggest that their use of beauty treatments encourages younger millennials and Gen Z followers to do the same when seeing aspects about themselves they don’t like. That may be too drastic. Though, if that is the case, it comes in a time that carries dangerously accessible means to do so.

In many ways, it counters the anti-makeup movement that encourages the opposite: being comfortable in your own skin. Not all non-invasive beauty treatments deserve such a stigma, but not everyone needs to change what makes them unique for the sake of mirroring what is deemed as beauty .

Rather, the classic phrase “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” loses any foundational ability to be relevant when the action’s of the world’s most popular family suggest otherwise.

The Kardashians aren’t entirely to blame for that situation either. They, as a whole, aren’t popular or notorious without the mass following that awaits every one of their posts anxiously.

Without that, we might be pointing that blame in other directions or towards other figures in a similar spotlight.

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