John Paul Mitchell Systems Enters E-Commerce With Neon Hair-Care



Selling products online has become a necessity for almost every product imaginable at this point. Considering the pressure websites like Amazon put on traditional brick-and-mortar stores, brands competing against the ease and comfort of shopping online face a daunting challenge.  John Paul Mitchell Systems brand is finally making the move and begin selling online through an e-commerce format with the release of the Neon Hair-care line.
“Online is something that I’ve looked at for 10 years, and we are probably one of the last companies to do it, but we are so committed to the professional salon that we wanted to make sure we are doing it right and to educate salons about how we are doing it,” stated JPMS Vice Chairman, Michaeline DeJoria.

The Neon’s audience is directed towards teens, with six products ranging in price from $9.99 to $11.99. The line consists of products such as the hold spray Sugar Confection, tousle cream Sugar Twist, texture booster Sugar Spray, Sugar Cleanse Shampoo and Sugar Rinse Conditioner. The sugar aspect associated with it is one that JPMS Marketing Manager, Inger Berg, sees as a huge part of what makes the line so special.

“What’s so great about sugar is that it not only lends itself to the voice of the brand, but it’s kind of an old ingredient that has become new,” said Berg. “In hair, it not only provides hydration and shine, but it provides texture for a nice undone, beachy wave.” Having been sold primarily through salons, the line of products will give a commission to the local stylists and distributors  based on the customer’s zip code. This will ensure that their new online site will not take sales away from the retailers that have become such a substantial part of the brand’s image.

Though the website isn’t expected to become a large source of revenue compared to JPMS’s established sales through salons, it is at least intended to help draw online customers away from websites selling their products without their consent. Neon’s campaign is also set to include messages supporting National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month.  Through the JPMS social media accounts, the campaign will encourage people to post positive messages along with the hashtag #StickItToBullying, with JPMS creating digital post-it notes specifically for the event.

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