IUNX Parfums Paris Describes Emotion With Elegant Results

Bringing together the complexity of a fine fragrance is a balancing act. Across an industry full of admirably crafted products, those who are able to capture this perfectly stand out noticeably.

That much can be said for IUNX Parfums Paris, whose name truly encompasses the essence of what they offer. Dating back centuries, the word INUX actually describes a myth of the “motionless hunt,” symbolizing the utmost form of seduction. That concept comes to life through scent, encapsulated by the brand from its inception in 2003.

Shiseido is responsible for bringing the brand to life, working with perfumer Olivia Giacobetti and designers Francis Giacobetti and Fabienne Conte-Sevigne. Their efforts have not been fruitless to say the least.

The Les Eaux de IUNX brings forth ten scents that can be used in just about any quantity for any occasion. The Eau Argentine, Eau Sento, Eau Ivre, Eau Azteque, Eau Frappée, Eau Baptiste, Eau Blanche, Eau Qui Pique, L’Arbre and Splash Forte de IUNX all carry their own unique elements while capturing emotion with intoxicating decadence.

Each does so simply, having been constructed with few ingredients. This neither overcomplicates , nor distracts from the finished fragrance. They can become a description of the moments around you that you’re reminded of with its aroma.

There is also L’Ether de IUNX, standing apart from the brand’s other creations with a warm and enveloping eminence that still carries the same noticeable quality.

That theme continues further with their Perfumed Milky Body Cream and Bath Milk. Soothing, smooth and nourishing, they bring relaxation with broadening effects on the senses it reaches.

Finally, their selection of candles. Les Bougies de Iunx fills the room to capture the sensory experiences that will be a future reminder of the events it’s part of.

When in Paris make sure to visit IUNX Parfums Boutique, located at 13 rue de Tournon and the Boutique Costes at 239 rue Saint-Honoré, or on their website at iunx-parfums.com.

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