Introducing: SkinKick, Naturally Smart Skincare in just Two Steps

Say hello to SkinKick, a powerful new skincare line that clears blemishes naturally using ingredients from the Amazon Rainforest. SkinKick is Naturally Smart SkincareTM that combines science with natural flora from the rainforest to improve skin, with visible results typically starting overnight. With 99 percent natural ingredients, SkinKick works on even the most sensitive skin types, leaving the skin looking and feeling clear, refreshed and glowing. The company’s gentle “2- Step Kick” Blemish Relief Kit is designed to tackle blemishes in two easy steps taking only two minutes each morning and night.

Step One, SkinKick’s Face Wash, is a daily cleanser and exfoliant that uses finely-ground coconut shell and botanical extracts, antioxidants and vitamins to remove impurities and balance sebum levels on the skin. SkinKick’s Face Wash is strong enough to remove dead skin cells, but gentle enough to use twice daily without irritating the skin.

Step Two is SkinKick’s Blemish Relief Lotion. The lotion’s B3 TechnologyTM uses three key botanicals from the Amazon Rainforest — cat’s claw extract, dragon’s blood resin and black willow bark extract — to clear the appearance of blemishes and soothe problem skin. The lotion’s Tropical HAVEN ComplexTM renews the skin at the same time using five botanicals from the Amazon Rainforest. These clinically-proven botanicals — acai, andiroba, camu-camu, copaiba oil and pequi oil — deliver high concentrations of omega fatty acids, vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants to improve the skin’s appearance and leave skin looking and feeling healthier, clear and glowing. Finally, the Blemish Relief Lotion’s BeautySkinTM technology is a 100% natural, undetectable film that acts like a “second skin,” protecting from harmful substances like pollution and makeup while also keeping the all-natural ingredients in SkinKick’s B3 TechnologyTM and Tropical HAVEN ComplexTM in direct contact with the skin, thereby enhancing blemish relief and skin renewal.

Unlike other skincare products that use harsh chemicals like benzoyl peroxide to strip the skin of oil and dry up blemishes, SkinKick adheres to a “Nope Nada Never” list of toxins and chemicals it will never include in its products.

SkinKick’s founder, M.J. Schirle, developed the skincare line in an effort to eliminate the stress and bullying that often accompany problem skin for teens. “SkinKick is based on real science and is naturally smart. We want our customers to love life again,” says Schirle, who loves when SkinKick brings a renewed sense of confidence and self-esteem to his customers. SkinKick customers are already experiencing great results.

SkinKick’s 2-Step Kick Blemish Relief Kit contains a 30-day supply of Face Wash and Blemish Relief Lotion and is available online for $34.95. SkinKick offers customers a Happiness Guarantee and will refund anyone who is not satisfied with results. SkinKick is available for purchase online today at


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  1. Love love love this product! Results are amazing. The fact that it is organic, gluten free and made from all natural botanical extracts is a huge relief… so glad I found something that does not contain harsh toxic chemicals to use on my face. <3 Thank you Skinkick

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