The Indie Makeups Brands You Need To Know

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The Indie Makeups Brands You Need To Know

Since 2010, Sugarpill has been one of the leading indie names in the makeup industry for their hyperpigmented products as well as false lashes and makeup brushes. Their colorful style mixed with even more inventive packaging has given their bold looks a devoted following. More so, it drove the long-living Hello Kitty brand to use them as the official makeup of their 35th anniversary. Did I mention they're cruelty free? How about that the majority of their products are also vegan?

The Indie Makeups Brands You Need To Know
Melt Cosmetics

Known predominantly for their matte lipsticks, Melt Cosmetics has grown quicker than anyone could have thought. They boast over two million followers on Instagram and also branched out into shadows that are absolutely worth a look.

The Indie Makeups Brands You Need To Know
Makeup Geek

The internet has served as a great starting point for indie makeup brands, something Makeup Geek has proven to be all too true. The name began on YouTube by videoblogger Marlena, now bringing one of the largest color varieties of shadows to legions of followers globally. It doesn't hurt that they've been praised constantly for quality and customer service.

The Indie Makeups Brands You Need To Know

If you're a fan of collaborations, Colourpop has been waiting for you. Based out of Los Angeles, they've worked with YouTube and Instagram names like Shaaanxo, Kathleenlights and Megan Naik on their way to gaining over one million followers. Their shadows, lipsticks, and blushes are all affordable and worth trying, especially their Ultra Matte liquid lipstick.

The Indie Makeups Brands You Need To Know
the Lip Bar

As the name implies, the Lip Bar is known mainly for their lipsticks which are primarily made with all natural ingredients. Originally a rejected concept on the hit TV show, Shark Tank, the brand has silenced critics by providing vegan products at reasonable prices.

The Indie Makeups Brands You Need To Know
Magnolia Makeup

Based out of New Orleans, Magnolia Makeup offers creams, mattes and glosses that are sure not to disappoint. The New Orleans-based brand also offers glitter shadows that you don't want to overlook.

Finding affordable makeup that you love at the same time isn’t always a simple endeavor. Most of the time, it’s a case of finding one or the other, sacrificing your wallet for the brands you love most. Today, tons of indie makeup brands have challenged this idea by offering cosmetics that give you more for your dollar. Many even offer added incentives like free samples, specialized packaging and free shipping to help sway you.

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