Hillary Clinton Looking Strong As Ever In Wake Of Election


The last few days have been incredibly eventful for the United States. The presidential election alone is worthy of that description without mentioning the backlash following the result as Donald Trump came out on top over Hillary Clinton.

Most of the focus has been on Trump’s victory, though his competitor Clinton, gave her concession speech yesterday as well. In the wake of her loss, the democratic nominee showed poise and resilience as she addressed the world.

“Never doubt that you are valuable and powerful,” stated Clinton towards the female youth of America.

Clinton wore a Ralph Lauren pants suit as has become a staple during her campaign. Dating back to her original campaign rally speech in June of 2015, the brand has dressed her for every major moment of the election process for two years. This includes her ivory suit worn for the Democratic National Convention as well as red, navy and white Ralph Lauren suits for all three of the presidential debates.

What separated her ensemble in this case from previous others is the color. Clinton’s purple Ralph Lauren suit, while professional and stylish, holds greater meaning.

Along with white and gold, purple serves as one of the main colors representing the National Women’s Party. Her choice to wear it on this occasion specifically shows her constant support for women country-wide and her loyalty towards the values the party represents in the face of unfortunate defeat.

In a statement from the National Women’s Party, the color acts as a symbol of “loyalty, constancy to purpose, unswerving steadfastness to a cause.” While her campaign to become our next president did not come to fruition, Hillary Clinton’s intent of fighting for  those same ideals her nomination was built on are proving to be stronger than ever.

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